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Grow Your Ability. Do More for a Greater Number of Patients.

Your Scope of Practice Will Widen.

Get Your Free MP3 Lecture, Interview, and Skills Assessment Workbook

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Grow Your Ability. Do More for a Greater Number of Patients.

Your Scope of Practice Will Widen.

Get Your Free MP3 Lecture, Interview, and Skills Assessment Workbook

Free Downloads

Grow Your Ability. Do More for a Greater Number of Patients.

Your Scope of Practice Will Widen.

Get Your Free MP3 Lecture, Interview, and Skills Assessment Workbook

Free Downloads

About Dr. Faye


Dr. Leonard John Faye

D.C., F.R.C.C.S.S.(Can.)Hon., FICC

For more than 45 years, Dr. Leonard John Faye has led the transformation from the static listing based phase of chiropractic development to the dynamic, functional paradigm.


The author of hundreds of published articles, chapters and the book Good Bye Back Pain! (BookSurge Publishing), Dr. Faye has organized technique chaos into a biomechanical model. In addition to his published writing, Dr. Faye has also presented more than 400 seminars all over the world and delivered lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students since 1967.


While an active chiropractor, speaker and publisher, his most influential work could be the 10-video series, the new DVD set Vol: 1 and 2 Complete Full Spine and Extremity Adjusting Course. In this six-hour DVD series, Dr. Faye explains and demonstrates with two cameras focusing in and out, exactly how to make rational, diversified spinal and extremity joint manipulations.


Dr. Faye has become a world-renowned pioneer to the practice of chiropractic. After graduating from CMCC in 1960, he practiced in England for 15 years, Canada for 11 years and has been practicing in the United States for almost 25 years.


Dr. Faye lives and practices in Los Angeles, CA.


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Professional Recognition


  1. The Henri Gillet D.C. Award of Excellence given by the Belgian Chiropractors Association.
  2. The first chiropractor ever to be appointed by the Canadian Track and Field Team for the 1984 Olympics.
  3. The first chiropractor to present to the directors of the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA.
  4. Co-authored chapters in well-known books: Foundations of Chiropractic, second edition by Meridel I. Gatterman; Fundamentals of Chiropractic by Daniel Redwood and Carl S Cleveland III; and Chiropractic Principles and Practice, by Scott Haldeman DC, MD, Neurologist.
  5. Author of Good Bye Back Pain!
  6. Founder of
  7. Elected Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada)
  8. Elected Fellow of the International Chiropractic College
  9. Post graduate lecturer for many Chiropractic Colleges in the USA and Canada.
  10. Founder first 60 hours of MPI Post-Graduate Seminars 1980
  11. Post Graduate and Under Graduate lecturer and technique instructor for many chiropractic colleges and associations in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australasia.


A Complete Full Spine and Extremity Adjusting Course on DVD

Invest in Your Growth

I urge you to invest in this chiropractic continuing education DVD series; for so little and no lost weekend time, you will be able to do so much more for your patients.


We learn adjusting skills by mimicking a master and practicing what we are not skilled at performing. The workbook (free download here) lets you identify what you need to develop. The DVD Index lets you go direct to those specific, two camera demonstrations, easily.


Catalog of DVD Content


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Master New Chiropractic Techniques (Video Clip)

Grow Your Practice

You will be like hundreds of others who over the years have sent me letters and emails about their wonderful, stress free practices and life style. Providing quality care to many more patients because of your understanding of the “Cervical Syndrome” will see to that.


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Motion Palpation, Full Spine Technique, Extremity Technique

Treatment “Gems” and patient conversations are discussed and result in your patients understanding why they need a series of treatment to allow the S.A.I.D Principle to work. Great compliance to your recommendations are the result.


Mastering the specific adjustments to reduce the sympathetic nerve facilitation will broaden your scope of practice and having you practicing Chiropractic like it was supposed to be practiced. The only difference is that you will be making rational decisions and not relying on the “It Works” belief system. Patient responses become predictable.

Professional Testimonials

Dr. Faye’s DVD set will fill ALL gaps. I got skill acquisition, practice expansion and overall satisfaction.



It isn’t just a “How to” but answers the “when, where, why and how often” to treat acute and chronic conditions.

— Anonymous


By imbibing the material gradually, I am improving bit by bit for a big change in my adjusting skills.

— Keiran D, DC.


Essential studies that made me a very successful doctor. No sales pitches, you and the patient will know you know.

— Anonymous



Dr. Faye’s DVD set is the best investment I ever made in building a very successful practice.

— KK, DC.



These DVDs are fantastic value. The information is invaluable. 27 new patients a month after 4 years in practice.

— CB, DC.


Dr. Faye’s DVD set has changed my practice life. I understand the possibilities and see the realities in my patients especially when I uncover some hidden ills[LF1] and alleviated problems the patients failed to mention.

— GH, DC.


Terms & Conditions

All sales final. Free shipping anywhere in the world.


We guarantee all videos will play without any glitches or be replaced free.


Contact Information

BFF Consultants, Inc.

10801 National Blvd., #340

Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone: (310) 470-1225


Catalog of DVD Content


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Catalog of DVD Content

Upper Cervical Spine

This section presents some general concepts about generating a thrust and some clinical considerations. The presentations are divided into specific palpations, and Dr. Faye demonstrates each manipulation and repeats them with the patient supine, prone and seated.

Mid to Low Cervical

This segment covers the mid and lower cervical regions of the cervical spine. The introduction gives a brief clinical vignette, while each segment presents a specific palpation and three different manipulations to increase the movement of the restrictions found.


In this section, Dr. Faye covers the thoracic spine and demonstrates many palpation skills that are uncommon in most offices. The thoracic spine is a major concern in most cervical and shoulder joint conditions. The thoracic spine is often overlooked as a major concern in most cervical and shoulder joint conditions including “whiplash” sprains.


There is much more to the lumbar spine than the “lumbar roll”. In the introduction and each section of this DVD, Dr. Faye demonstrates how to palpate all the ranges of motion and the specific adjustments needed to restore normal lumbar function.


This section is critical if a patient has the need for TMJ manipulation or is suffering from Intercostal Neuralgia. The section on babies is quite basic but completes the series.

Foot and Ankle

The motion palpation of the foot and ankle is the best place to learn our “impulse” thrust and feel the joint play movements first described by Dr. Mennell. Watch the introduction as well as the many specific palpations and manipulations.

Knee and Hip

The knee and hip palpations and manipulations will become a significant part of your practice. The hip dysfunctions cause many low back conditions and knee pains that are a common complaint. However, most often they do not require surgical intervention.

Hand and Wrist

The hand, wrist and elbow section is an effective tool to learn the “impulse” thrust and joint play movements. Since people use their hands so much, these “fixations” or dysfunctions are very common. Dr. Faye demonstrates examination procedures that will amaze patients who won’t even mention these problems until you examine them.


The “shoulder girdle” is the key to getting great results with non-surgical shoulder conditions and post-operative recoveries. Dr. Faye shows you how to check all the palpations demonstrated and the manipulations they indicate, as well as the upper thoracic anterior glide and lower cervical sympathetic ganglion chain facilitation.


The pelvis introduction reviews the lumbopelvic biomechanics as described by doctors Fred Illi and Henri Gillet after observing motion x-ray studies in the late 50’s. Dr. Faye adds the more modern concepts, and demonstrates in each section the sacroiliac manipulations indicated by the examination procedures.

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