Dr. Faye’s past video users have so often thanked him for changing their practice and personal success.

Make rational, medically necessary, diversified, Spinal and Extremity manipulations. His treatment plans allow the S.A.I.D. Principle (Specific Adaptation to an Imposed Demand) treatment plans to produce great outcomes

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Dr. Faye has developed the 5 pillar heuristic model of manual therapy: Neurobiological mechanisms of manipulation, Biomechanics of manipulation, Soft Tissue components, Inflammation, and the affects of Stress pathophysiology, which is now called the Biopsychosocial Model

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Take advantage of his experience of presenting 400 seminars, taxt book, Olympic team chiropractor, and his proven ability to make practitioners, better and busier


Author of a text book, contributed chapters in texts by Scott Haldeman DC, MD., Neurologist, Craig Morris DC

Spinal and Extremity manipulation/adjustments

A few things can hold back quality of practice and satisfied patents. These methods are proven to increase practice, self confidence, and self-actualization of the practitioner

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How to improve your referrals for a broader scope of practice

We offer in-depth video trainings that improve the quality of your patients’ treatments, and also send bimonthly emails.

  • Pelvic Lumbar and Manipulation
  • Motion Palpation -Specific Cervical Joint Adjustment

  • Motion Palpation- Chiropractic Technique Of The Thoracic Region

  • Introduction To Extremities

  • Lower Extremities Palpation & Manipulation
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

  • Master Conclusion

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The most effective, drugless, healthcare provider is able to approach patients and their dysfunctions with the ability to answer the five most important questions: when is it possible to help, where, why, how and how often. This is the best instruction available, anywhere and absolutely essential for all “hands on” therapists.

Dr. Colin Wellum
BSc, DC, MSc, FRCCSS(C) Sports Performance Specialist

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