Dr. Faye has been responsible for showing practitioners how increased skills leads to a professional income

Chiropracticmentor.com has been on a mission to provide doctors and students the method for applying the principles, of how we learn so many skills. We provide Clinically-Effective and very Time-Efficient techniques, that allow you to become a master of manipulative skills, for the Spine, Pelvis and Extremity Joints.

Our Vision is that everyone who utilizes our mentoring, streaming subscription to mimic the video instruction and reads the emails, sent every two weeks, reaches the level of conscious competency and that their patients are responding to the best of their ability, by achieving a better quality of life, with less suffering. With increased subscribers, we will have the videos dubbed into Spanish and other large population languages.

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Meet Dr Faye

The author of hundreds of published articles, chapters and his book Good Bye Back Pain! (2008 Amazon.com; BookSurge Publishing), Dr. Faye has organized technique chaos into a biomechanical model. In addition to his published writing, Dr. Faye has also presented more than 400 seminars all over the world and delivered lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students since 1967.

Dr. Leonard John Faye
Dr. Leonard John FayeD.C., F.R.C.C.S.S.(Can.) Hon., FICC
While an active chiropractor, speaker and publisher, his most influential work is focused on teaching. With his $7.95 video streaming service, you can visually learn the Complete Full Spine and Extremity Adjusting Course. Dr. Faye explains and demonstrates with two cameras focusing in and out, exactly how to make rational, diversified spinal and extremity joint manipulations.

Learning skills requires mimicking a master and repetition that these videos provide a viewer.

Henrik Hein Lauridsen
DC, MSc, PhD.
Health Sciences, Biomechanics Clinic,
University of Southern Denmark

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