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Are the techniques connected to any system?2019-06-04T10:21:20+05:30

No, they are generic, based on bio-mechanical dysfunction restoration of the whole, locomotor, kinematic chain of joints

Why do I need this program to learn more technique?2019-06-04T10:14:10+05:30

Colleges provide less than 500 hours instead of the 1500 hours they used to provide in the 60s.

Should I get just one or both Volume 1 & 2?2019-06-04T10:17:24+05:30

Since the Pelvis and Spine functions inside the closed, locomotor kinematic system; in order to improve spinal function we have to check for joint restrictions in the Extremities. We suggest that you subscribe to both Vol.1&2 unless the extra $5.00 is a problem.

Why palpation and manipulation?2019-06-04T10:17:46+05:30

Manipulation restores restricted rotation movement around the three orthogonal axes. You can learn to palpate these restrictions and know exactly the manipulation that the patient requires and for how many sessions. You and the patient will know,that you know when, where, how and how often they need a manipulation treatment.

Has recent research shown Motion Palpation to have inter examiner reliability?2019-06-04T10:18:00+05:30

Yes, and the bi-weekly emails we will send you will have the papers discussed in one of them.

Can I email you my questions?2019-06-04T10:21:46+05:30

Yes, I will reply within 24 hours unless I am abroad lecturing;About 8 weekends a year.

Why is joint manipulation so important when beginning a Rehabilitation program with patients?2019-06-04T10:19:07+05:30

Muscle co-ordination and recruitment order come from mechano-receptor afferentation that does not occur when joints are restricted, blocked, or fixated.

How long after subscribing can I cancel?2019-06-04T10:19:24+05:30

There is no contract. You can try and see how you progress and cancel your credit card at any time before the next auto payment.

Can I upgrade from one Volume to another or to both?2019-06-04T10:19:38+05:30

Yes there will be an upgrade button.

How helpful have others found this method of learning skills?2019-06-04T10:20:12+05:30

We learn skills by viewing and mimicking a master and repetitious practice. Doctors watch one palpation and its’ manipulation each morning and then see if patients require that manipulation. Then they record their progress on one of the 56 pages they printed out when first subscribing. You have to grade and monitor your progress as time goes by. I will be sending you supportive emails to assure you end up mastering these 6 hours of video demonstrations.

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While an active chiropractor, speaker and publisher, his most influential work is focused on teaching. With his $7.95 video streaming service, you can visually learn the Complete Full Spine and Extremity Adjusting Course. Dr. Faye explains and demonstrates with two cameras focusing in and out, exactly how to make rational, diversified spinal and extremity joint manipulations.

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